Sherrill Engineering is the San Francisco Bay Area’s first and only professional engineering firm dedicated solely to commissioning.  Founded in 1980 by Ross M. Sherrill, PE, we shifted focus to commissioning in 1995.  Adam Wheeler, PE, joined the company in 1997 and has led the firm since 2003. Laboratory and Healthcare projects are a specialty, and our experience includes a wide range of commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities.  We have established a core of repeat clients such as PG&E, UCSF, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Our experience has shown “hands-on” involvement emphasizing building relationships with the design and construction teams is the only way to consistently provide owners with properly functioning buildings.  By dedicating one highly experienced engineer to lead each project from start to finish, including day-to-day on-site participation, we have the ability to delve into the depth of detail that suits the project.  This allows us to adapt to issues in real time and deliver better results than can be achieved by less experienced personnel following “rote” processes. 

Professional Building Commissioning Services

Today’s Digital Control Systems provide a powerful tool to view, test and analyze system performance and building operation in a way not otherwise possible.  Controls system details are critical to energy efficiency, system performance and occupant comfort.  The expertise we offer in control systems is indispensable to effective commissioning.  

Consulting Mechanical Engineers

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On-Site Expert Presence

Commissioning Modes

Commissioning during the design and construction process offers many advantages and is our core business.  Existing building “retro-commissioning” is a closely related but distinct specialty that Sherrill Engineering also applies with noted success.  We test and evaluate existing building systems.  Recommended modifications are then ranked by ease of implementation and potential benefits.  Sherrill Engineering can implement modifications, or if more involved efforts require subcontractors, we are available to coordinate and verify progress.

Controls Expertise